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Price: $129.00
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Manufacturer SHABBY CHIC
Model Jewelry Box / Armoire
Price $129.00

Product details

Shabby Chic Upcycled Jewelry Box Painted in Soft Mint Green

A very good sized jewelry box that has been refinished with this shabby chic look. We used a light aqua/ Mint paint that perfectly contrasts wood tones underneath.

This is fully disassembled before painting so that you don't have paint on hinges or knobs. The lining is cleaned to the best of our ability, but remember that this IS a vintage piece, so it's not perfect. The small flaws and imperfections add character and charm.

Screen Size
Screen Resolution
Exterior Color Mint Green
Weight 8kg
Dimensions(cm) 100x150x50
Phone +40 123123123
Email address mikedoe@example.com
Website www.example.com


Dakota, MN, USA
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Nice Jewelry Box
Posted by Alexander 8 years 8 months ago | Rating:

It looks very well, when you look at it you feel like going back in the time;


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