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Price: $639.00
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Manufacturer Los Angeles
Model Black Vintage Dining Chairs
Price $639.00

Product details

Fabulous mix and match sets of Vintage Dining chairs, solid wood vintage or antique chairs that have been restored and painted in our Antique Black Satin, then distressed & sealed. They can be distressed for a shabby chic look, or not according to your preference.
Screen Size
Screen Resolution
Exterior Color Black
Weight 15kg
Dimensions(cm) 50x120x50
Phone +40 123123123
Email address yvette@example.com
Website www.example2.com


California, USA
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Jeri Demar
Nice chairs
Posted by Jeri Demar 8 years 5 months ago | Rating:

These look fantastic and will fit my wedding theme perfectly. My only gripe: shipping to London UK took way longer than expected and VAT was charged in addition to the shipping which also potentially delayed delivery.

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